Song for Daughters

by Nancy Stringfellow

Sing your songs to keep away the dark.
Draw the curtains, light the fire.
The candles' glimmer and perfume
Of pine and roses fills the room.

Outside the cold stars shine.

The books you loved are waiting on the shelves.
The wine is poured, the table set.
The curtains drawn across the pane,
Keep out the sound of wind and rain.

Outside the cold stars shine.

But the wind is rising and you've got to go.
Clouds are running races in the sky.
The tree tops toss, the wind is riding high,
The stars are calling, calling.

No arms can hold you in a warm embrace,
The place you want is not this place.
You want the winds of time against your face,
You want the wild rain falling.

Outside the cold stars shine...
And you are theirs, not mine.

from Report From Grimes Creek After A Hard Winter