by Edward Dorn

Certain people try to make my cancer grow,
They seek to feed it, I can feel their unconscious
Intention to do this—I have
A list of them in my mind and when
I exercise my blasting power
Against my tumor which was environmentally
Induced and politically generated, I blast them also,
Their portraits and vitas, their genomes.
These are the megadonts, they want to chew on me.
I can draw them in their molecular pointillism,
Their shadows Seurat ghosts,
Under their molecular umbrellas.
But I won't name them, the Gasset workers,
They don't know who they are
And I shall not give them public
Embodiment nor aid their resolution.
I will blast them with a beam
Of my centrifugal silence
In the flow of the taxodiaceae.

After 12 July 1999 scan

from Chemo Sabe