Hallelujah 2 Groundhogs & 16 Valentines

by Gino Sky

"Gino Sky, an Idaho original. Mountain climber, poet, author, storyteller, tracer of lost birds, keeper of the truth, horseman, scribe, whopping great liar, kind lover, writer, high liver, truck person, olde truck hero, keen observer. Writes up a storm. Anything he writes, I want to read it. If he leaves me a note on my wiper blades, I save it. I step around or over his tire tracks."

— Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Grammy Award Winner

Hallellujah 2 Groundhogs

Wild and loving poems written over a 22-year period to friends and family in honor of the poet’s two favorite February holidays. Unabashedly honest and exuberantly playful, Sky’s book is a holiday in itself. Letterpress printed on archival-quality papers and sewn by hand in a limited edition of 400 copies.

Gino Sky is the author of two novels, the Rocky Mountain cult classic Appaloosa Rising (Doubleday, 1980), and its sequel Coyote Silk (North Atlantic Books, 1987); a collection of stories, Near the Postcard Beautiful (Floating Ink Books, 1994); and seven collections of poetry. He lives in Boise, Idaho, where he teaches poetry in the schools.

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