A novel by

Idaho writer Peter Anderson

All Souls’ Day: In Madrid, Canadian Dan Durand is approached by shadowy strangers offering him a job. Once a high-achiever, Dan has hit rock bottom and is living a makeshift existence. His under-the-table assignment is to trail a suspected criminal—a woman with a mysterious history . . .

“I need to get to Greece,” she says. “I don’t know how.”

His eyes reflect hers. They glitter with the light off the water, the light of distance and judgment and experience and folly.

“Please,” she says standing with the knapsack tight in both hands and her back to the silver lake.

“The problem with you,” he says, his hands resting on his thighs, “isn’t that you lie about things.  It’s that you never tell the whole story.”

Peter Anderson delivers a riveting tale of chase and pursuit, suspense, and mysterious identities revealed in a motorcycle adventure that careens along the back roads and narrow, congested streets of European cities–a great new addition to the canon of Limberlost Press.

About Peter Anderson: Inveterate wanderer Peter Anderson, of Driggs, Idaho, has visited more than 60 countries, including extensive travels in all corners of Europe. His sharp observational skills bring depth to his writing about distant lands and keen insight about the people encountered along the way. A lifelong learner and reader, Anderson lives in eastern Idaho at the foot of the Grand Tetons range amid a personal library of more than 7,500 volumes. His essays and nonfiction work have appeared in regional and national publications over the previous 30 years. Follower is part of the Expatriate Trio by Peter Anderson. The group also includes the novels Viewfinder and Builder.

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