Our Current Catalogue

Margaret Aho
The Only Light We Read By

Sherman Alexie
Dangerous Astronomy

Sandy Anderson
Jeanne Was Once
a Player of Pianos

Glenn Balch
Christmas Horse

David Beisley-Guiotto
Sawtooth Country

Kenneth W. Brewer
Small Scenes

Spaces Both Infinite and Eternal
B. J. Buckley

Spaces Both Infinite and Eternal

Hayden Carruth
Faxes to William

Chris Dempsey
Winter Horses

Edward Dorn
Chemo Sabe
Jennifer Dunbar Dorn
Galactic Runaway

Bruce Embree
Beneath the Chickenshit
Mormon Sun


Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The Street's Kiss

Gary Gildner
The Birthday Party

Gary Gildner
The Swing




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